Hungarian University of Fine Arts

Graphics Department Specialization in Graphic Design

Letters in essence are for writing, but they can also be refined into an art medium by the creative mind. Thus, letters may go beyond their primary goal constructing pictorial harmony or even provocative disharmony in an intellectually independent way, either the creative process is a journey taken through the realm of the traditional lettering or be it a trial in the field of experimental typography. 

To attract attention and to keep someone interested in the imagery of a written text are just as important as conveying the content itself. Sometimes the content may be less important than its visual articulation. Writing, the art of lettering has never been shaped for itself. Letters are spiritless in a contextual vacuum. Its cells gain vitality from the ideological and technical background and more importantly from the unity or the disunity of a given context. 

In certain ages, letters can mirror a unified worldview, other times they may herald crises and paradigm shifts alike. In some cases, originality can be achieved by altering only letter-constellations with full respect for the unity of the type. In some other cases, even the genetic recombination of the alphabetical characters is needed to find new paths. Letters can be taken apart and one can put the parts together again so that new, unseen formal solutions be born thus becoming a sensuous carrier of the message of the curious intellect.