Technical University of Košice

Faculty of Arts Department of Design Visual Communication Studio

Faculty of Arts, Technical University of Košice is one of the most important artistic, educational and scientific institutions in Slovakia. This creative epicentre of the Eastern Slovak region has been providing pedagogical background for future designers, artists and architects, while also reflecting on and supporting several areas of applied artistic research for more than two decades.

Since 1998, the education at the Department of Design has been constantly evolving and transforming in order to respond flexibly to current approaches in the artistic education. At present, the training at the Department takes place in four profiling studios, three of which focus on spatial design, and the fourth one specializes in visual communication. The studios thus provide students with a comprehensive education in design.

Visual Communication Studio specializes in creating visual codes and systems for visual identity of the present world, and visual communication both in real life experience and virtual reality. At present, methods of visual communication are changing rapidly not only when it comes to techniques and technology, but also in terms of the means of expression, signs, and symbols. What has not changed, though, are the rules of composition, knowledge of typography and colour, or the need to sustain the hierarchy of information. In the Visual Communication Studio, a student is gradually led to understand the wider context of visual communication in the present world, and to learn to cooperate with related professionals including software specialists. Great emphasis is put on creative as well as unusual ways of dealing with the project while maintaining the artistic quality and fulfilling the task efficiently, alongside with respecting the rules defined by professional environment, historic background, skills, or tradition.