Eszterházy Károly University

Visual Arts Institute Media and Design Department

Communication of our age has moved toward visuality both in its numeracy and intensity. Previously, there have never been so many visual elements and communication strategies in conveying messages. The genre of typography, which has changed messages into visuality, was reshaped by the need for communication and the information explosion. It also freed typography from its classical, stylistic order, and removed its limitations. These were also generated by technological and attitudinal changes. The text itself – adapting to the changed situation – appears as an image. Hence, apart from ability of reading texts, we must learn the skills of visual literacy for effective and modern communication. 

In the practice of typography, moving away from objectivity and expediency does not give the experience of unconditional and independent liberation. An abundant richness of form and methods is created which formulates a metalanguage. This allows an infinite number of participants to communicate with each other simultaneously with evident simplicity and variety. However, in return for all this, we also become part of a kind of oneness that we can call fashion, trend, spirit of the age but perhaps less so freedom.

Yet in this multi-faced uniformity, we need to find and show potential for creative independence. We need to reconcile the willingness to innovate, the courage to experiment with professional fairness. The educators’ community of the Media and Design Institute in Eger is trying to arose and maintain in its students the eternal curiosity that is a condition for acceptance and the search for new forms. At the same time, we always keep in mind the need for responsible, independent work, but also the joy that comes from it, whether it is typography, other genres of graphic design, or any visual manifestation.