Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Media Institute Graphic Design Department

Communication became a basic necessity for the globalized world, which now turned into an independent industry. The development of information communication technologies allows the flow of more and more information. Visualization is an indispensable means of interpretation, a tool for organizing content in visible structure and form. This is the most important task of contemporary graphic design. To understand this, both the image and the text and the interaction of the two have to be understood in terms of their message transmitter effect. Image as the visual code interpreted in the widest spectrum of communication and text as written speech with which visuality is associated as a form of autonomous expression. The parallelism of visual narrative and textual communication characterizes the traditional and new areas of graphic design, whether it is a poster, a book, a visual identity or an online, interactive, digital medium.

As communication goes beyond direct oral communication, it receives a visible form and an opportunity to be independent of time. This requires tools that enable it to be capturable, retrievable, transmittable, or duplicatable. Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which humans communicate than by the content of the communication. says Marshall McLuhan. The era in which we live is experiencing a period of unprecedented changes since the appearance of book printing. The process is increasingly moving towards the appreciation of operating in communities and the culture of participation. They are no longer passive viewers, students or simple users, we are rather the active participants and even shapers of the system that is increasingly intertwining more and more areas of our lives.

The MOME Graphic Design Department places this active relationship into focus. We are looking for answers to the challenges of the future in the context of the eternal human intent of communication and the techniques and media supporting it. The department is a workplace with a progressive spirit sensitive to contemporary trends that emphasizes global values. It considers social innovation to be a top priority alongside the commitment to common human values, the European spirit and the Hungarian cultural heritage. The designer’s responsibility that we represent covers today’s fundamental social issues with the aim of becoming an active participant in global discourse recognizing the inevitable necessity of solutions.