Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Media Institute Graphic Design Department

We believe that design is an effective tool for shaping the future. The graphic designer is an active participant and a conscious creator of the processes that define our environment in more and more fields. This also leads to extending our borders and overwriting conventions. Our currently enrolled students will pursue activities in the future that we have no idea about today and the tools of graphic design will surely experience major transformations. Consistence and stability really come from openness to change and eternal curiosity along with focusing on problems and seeking for solutions. 

When the communication goes beyond direct oral communication, it appears in a visible form and gets the opportunity to be independent of time. This requires tools by which it can be recorded, recalled, transmitted, or reproduced. McLuhan said, “Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which humans communicate than by the content of the communication.” The era we live in is experiencing a period of unprecedented change since the advent of book printing. The process is increasingly moving toward an appreciation of community spirit and participation. We are no longer passive viewers, listeners, or simple “users”, but rather active participants and even shapers of a system that is increasingly interweaving in more and more areas of our lives.   

At MOME, the Department of Graphic Design puts this active relationship in focus. We are looking for answers to the challenges of the future in the context of the eternal human intention of communication and the techniques and media that supports it. The Department is such a progressive workshop which is sensitive to contemporary trends and emphasizes global values, which considers social innovation as a priority in addition to its commitment to common human values, European spirituality, and the Hungarian cultural heritage. The design responsibility we represent extends to examining the fundamental social issues of our time with the aim of becoming an active participant in the global discourse that recognizes the inevitable need for solutions.