University of Pécs Faculty of Arts

Institute of Media and Applied Arts Graphic Design Department

The Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs offers an interdisciplinary artistic atmosphere with a wide range of scientific perspectives with its education in fine arts, applied arts, classical music and its doctoral school.

The training in graphic design in Pécs consists of specialized courses, with special emphasis on typography. This is demonstrated by the fact that separate practical courses are built on calligraphy, classical typography, publication design, font design and experimental typography.

The computer is an inevitable basic tool in typographical design, so the opportunities it offers are also exploited by students relatively quickly. Digital design has a characteristic visual quality; programs give the designer a predetermined language of forms, which easily limits the artist. Due to the open educational structure of the Faculty of Arts in Pécs, graphic design students have an “outlook” also towards painting, sculpture, graphic arts and photography. The experiences gained in this way can also be used successfully in the case of design tasks: the results are more complex concepts, fresher visual language of forms and broader vision. The approach that can be called experimental design attitude originates from here. The pressing and overcoming boundaries as well as the ambition for transgressiveness result in the artist’s own attitude. 

At the Faculty of Arts in Pécs we consider it important to support student experiments standing on solid professional bases with an interdisciplinary atmosphere and technologically advanced studiolabs providing the possibility of 3D printing and equipped with computers.