Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków

Faculty of Industrial Design Department of Visual Communication

Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków structure and programme

The Department of Visual Communication is a research and teaching unit. Its focus are processes of intentional communication, pattern of sending, receiving and using information and signals perceived by the sense of sight. The Department carries out its research and teaching tasks employing pragmatic methods. Its aim is to constantly broaden knowledge related to issues of visual communication and to make improvements on its own teaching program.

The Department’s staff develop and apply acknowledged research methods, using expertise and experience of other disciplines such as psychology, semiology, ergonomics, information theory and logic. The Department’s ambition is to contribute to the creation of optimal conditions for the development and functioning of human environment, predominantly in an informational sphere. The Department closely follows the development of modern communication media. By implenting advancements made in the field of media the Department verifies and updates its program. The Department’s staff are aware of their responsibility stemming from the participation in the creation of universal value systems, the fundaments of the civilized world.

Since 1996 the Department has consisted of three studios: Visual Communication Design Studio A, Visual Communication Design Studio B, and the Studio of Basic Visual Communication Design. The Interaction Design Studio was established in 2015. The Department also houses the Studio and Laboratory of Photographic Techniques.